The First Ladies of Illinois

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Achsah Bond Achsah Bond
wife of Shadrack Bond, the first governor of Illinois, 1818-1822

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Sally Logan Roberts Coles
wife of Edward Coles, the second governor of Illinois, 1822-1826
(Sally and Edward married in 1833 after Edward's term as governor)  


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Elvira Lane Edwards
wife of Ninian Edwards, the third governor of Illinois, 1826-1830  

Catherine Reynolds Catherine Reynolds
wife John Reynolds, the fourth governor of Illinois, 1830-1834

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Caroline Berry Ewing
wife of William Lee Davidson Ewing, the fifth governor of Illinois, 1834  


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Elizabeth Caldwell Smith Duncan
wife of Joseph Duncan, the sixth governor of Illinois, 1834-1838
Rebecca Huitt Carlin


Rebecca Huitt Carlin
wife of Thomas Carlin, the seventh governor of Illinois, 1838-1842  

Frances Hambaugh Ford Frances Hambaugh Ford
wife of Thomas Ford, the eighth governor of Illinois, 1842-1846
Lucy Southwick French Lucy Southwick French
wife of Augustus C. French, the ninth governor of Illinois, 1846-1853
Mary Fish Matteson Mary Fish Matteson
wife of Joel Aldrich Matteson, the tenth governor of Illinois, 1853-1857

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Emily Susan Jones Bissell
wife of William Harrison Bissell, the eleventh governor of Illinois, 1857-1860  


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Ann Streeter Wood
wife of John Wood, the twelfth governor of Illinois, 1860-1861  

Catherine Geers Yates Catherine Geers Yates
wife of Richard Yates, the thirteenth governor of Illinois, 1861-1865
Emma Gillette Keays Oglesby Emma Gillette Keays Oglesby
wife of Richard James Oglesby, the fourteenth, sixteenth, and twentieth governor of Illinois, 1865-1869, 1873, 1885-1889
Malinda Ann Neely Palmer Malinda Ann Neely Palmer
wife of John McAuley Palmer, the fifteenth governor of Illinois, 1869-1873

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Helen May Judson Beveridge
wife of John Lourie Beveridge, the seventeenth governor of Illinois, 1873-1877  

Julia Fisher Cullom Julia Fisher Cullom
wife of Shelby Moore Cullom, the eighteenth governor of Illinois, 1877-1883
Helen Williams Hamilton Helen Williams Hamilton
wife of John Marshall Hamilton, the nineteenth governor of Illinois, 1883-1885
Gertrude Lewis Fifer Gertrude Lewis Fifer
wife of Joseph Wilson Fifer, the twenty-first governor of Illinois, 1889-1893
Emma Ford Altgeld Emma Ford Altgeld
wife of John Peter Altgeld, the twenty-second governor of Illinois, 1893-1897
Cora Edith English Tanner Cora Edith English Tanner
wife of John Riley Tanner, the twenty-third governor of Illiinois, 1897-1901

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Helen Wadsworth Yates
wife of Richard Yates, the twenty-fourth governor of Illinois, 1901-1905  

Bina Day Maloney Deneen Bina Day Maloney Deneen
wife of Charles Samuel Deneen, the twenty-fifth governor of Illinois, 1905-1913

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Elizabeth Kelly Dunne
wife of Edward Fitzsimmons Dunne, the twenty-sixth governor of Illinois, 1913-1917  


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Florence Pullman Lowden
wife of Frank Orren Lowden, the twenty-seventh governor of Illinois, 1917-1921  


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