Early Illinois Women

Sarah Atwater Denman, 1808-1882

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Minutes of the meeting reflecting the decision to adopt a constitution and elect officers. Minutes are courtesy of Friends in Council.

Minutes of Study Club as transcribed from the original document.

Tuesday P.M., Feb. 16th, 1869

A number of ladies met in the Lecture Room of the Young Ladies Seminary for the purpose of organizing a society with the avowed object of "mental improvement." A temporary organization was effected by calling Miss Jonas to the chair and Mrs. Morton to the desk. A preamble and constitution was then offered and each clause voted upon separately--all being after some amendments adopted except the first--consideration of which was postponed until a name, to be embodied in it, should be reported and accepted. Mrs. Denman, Mrs. C. H. Bull, Mrs. Parker and Miss Chapin were appointed a christening committee--to report at next meeting. The constitution having been adopted--the election of the officers called for by it, was entered upon and after various and numerous declensions of nominations, resulted as follows:

Pres. - Mrs. Denman
1st Vice Pres. - Miss Chapin
2nd Vice Pres. - Mrs. Chas. A. Parker

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