Early Illinois Women

Literary Societies at Monmouth College

Literary societies at Monmouth College promoted debate and public speaking. The Amateur des Belles Lettres (originally called the Philomatheon Society) and the Aletheorian were women's societies. The two societies held annual contests. During some years, "Inter-Society Contests were held between the society at Monmouth College and a society at Knox College in Galesburg. The programs depicted below list the performers, judges, and the activities of the contests. [More information about these societies]


Second Annual Contest
27 Mar 1868

10 Dec 1868

Third Annual Contest
26 Mar 1869

Fourth Annual Contest
25 Mar 1870

Fifth Annual Contest
28 Mar 1873

Sixth Annual Contest
24 Mar 1874

Seventh Annual Contest
24 Mar 1875

Eleventh Annual Contest
27 Mar 1879

Eleventh Annual Contest
27 Mar 1879

Second Annual Inter-Society Contest
16 Dec 1881

Fifteenth Annual Contest
29 Mar 1883

Sixteenth Annual Contest
27 Mar 1884

15 Mar 1912

27 Apr 1917

21 Apr 1922

4 May 1923

14 May 1927

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